The Princess Switch 1 & 2

The Princess Switch 1 & 2

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THREE Vanessa Hudgens for the price of ONE?! THANK YOU, SANTA!!

Folks, it's that time of year again. You know the one. The one that's the most wonderful. And to celebrate, we're watching a brand new Netflix Christmas movie that is essentially just the latest version of the twin switch trope a la The Parent Trap, It Takes Two, the remake of The Parent Trap, etc. Sprinkle in a little holiday cheer and voila: The Princess Switch!

Then, in The Princess Switch: Switched Again, Netflix has truly outdone themselves. Featuring not one, not two, but THREE Vanessa Anne's, The Princess Switch: Switched Again dials the switching up to eleven to the point where they even switched the actress playing the little girl! Luckily Obama was able to reprise his role, and he's even more elated about Christmas decor this time around.

This is an audio file that is meant to be listened to along with the movie.