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We've saved the best for last...

The nice part about watching this M. Night Shyamalan trilogy in the wrong order is that we get to wrap it all up with the one that started it all, Unbreakable.

Released in 2000 when M. Night was literally being hailed as "the next Spielberg" (oof), Unbreakable is essentially the first act of a superhero script fleshed out into one film, and boy is it freakin awesome. Not only was M. Night on top of his game, but Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and honestly everyone in the cast are also brilliant. Oh and the cinematography! And the music!!! Okay everything about it is great, I'll stop now.

If you've never seen this movie, but you have seen Split and/or Glass, then I'm not sure it matters much whether or not you watch it for the first time with our track... However if you've somehow avoided everything about this movie and can go into it blind, definitely watch on your own first. It's an absolute treat and Christian and I couldn't be more excited to rewatch it together!

Officially wrapping up a series of commentary tracks we began in 2017! Woo!!!

This is an audio file that is meant to be listened to along with the movie.