Big Wolf on Campus: Season 1 (Commentary Tracks)

Big Wolf on Campus: Season 1 (Commentary Tracks)

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Back in the day, one of my favorite shows was a Canadian series that aired on Fox Family Channel called Big Wolf on Campus. As with most things from childhood, it's hard to remember if it was legitimately good or if I was just a dumbass kid.

My sister Jillian joins me to revisit this classic and find out whether or not Big Wolf was actually good, as well as how many long forgotten memories it can pull out from the dark recesses of our minds...

Note: We watched season 1 in the official Striffler Order, which will be explained throughout the tracks. Here is a list of the episodes that correspond to the tracks:

1.  Pilot
2.  Fangs For the Memories
3.  Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
4.  The Bookmobile
5.  Butch Comes to Shove
6.  Cat Woman
7.  Witch College
8.  The Pleasantville Strangler
9.  Stage Fright
10.  That Swamp Thing You Do
11.  Muffy the Werewolf Slayer
12.  Stalk Like an Egyptian
13.  Flugelhoff!
14.  Invisible Merton
15.  The Wolf is Out There
16.  Interview with a Werewolf
17.  Time and Again
18.  Big Bad Wolf
19.  Scary Terri
20.  The Exor-Sis
21.  Game Over
22.  Don't Fear the Reaper

These are audio files that are meant to be listened to along with the episodes.