Signs (Commentary Track)

Signs (Commentary Track)

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Hello, my name is Eric, and I have been Stuckmannized.

Yes folks, for this very special movie I am joined by a very special guest: Chris Stuckmann!

Chris is one of the first people I think of whenever Shyamalan-related news breaks. That twist at the end of Split? We only had each other to discuss it with, as we had both seen the movie before it was released nationwide. The first image from Glass? Texted him immediately. This is because I know that one of Shyamalan's movies is the reason that Chris became interested in filmmaking, and that movie is... well you already saw the poster and the title of this post but it's SIGNS.

I absolutely love this film as well, so I was very excited to experience it with Chris and I was elated by all of the insight he brought to this viewing. Right off the bat he blows my mind with a subtle detail I had never noticed! So if you're a fan of this flick, prepare for some information you may not have known. And if you're not a fan? We just might change your mind...

This is an audio file that is meant to be listened to along with the movie.