Songbird (Commentary Track)

Songbird (Commentary Track)

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New year, same pandemic.

Nothing says "fun surprise" like finding out you're about to watch the Michael Bay-produced COVID-23 film Songbird after you've already started recording a commentary track for it. Just ask Miles! He had no idea he'd be spending the next 90 minutes of his life watching this backdoor pilot for a Richard Jewell series when he said "I'm Miles"... but here we are.

So much has changed since recording this track last month: Biden has been sworn in as President, Trump has been banned from social media, and LaBeouf has admitted to being abusive. But what hasn't changed is that we are indeed still in the middle of a global pandemic, so I suppose we have no choice but to give this movie props for that.

This is an audio file that is meant to be listened to along with the movie.