Tall Girl 1 & 2 (Commentary Tracks)

Tall Girl 1 & 2 (Commentary Tracks)

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Honey, I Blew Up The Girl

This movie came out years ago and we never did a track for it, so when I saw that it had a sequel on the way I was thrilled to have a reason to go back and watch Tall Girl! All I knew going in is that it probably featured a "tall girl" in some capacity, and I was right! What I didn't see coming? A tall boy. And a small boy! I've already said too much...

I am joined by my good friend / ex-roommate Derick! Some may recognize him from appearances in Nyctophobia, Pity Applause, and even an old PMI review, but for most of y'all this is your introduction and I have a feeling he's gonna be your new fav.

And then in Tall Girl 2,  Derick is back for our most anticipated film of the year! We're not kidding, we've been so excited to see what they could possibly squeeze out of this concept that warrants an entire other movie.

Was it worth it? I mean, yeah.

But maybe only for us?

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