The Boy I & II (Commentary Tracks)

The Boy I & II (Commentary Tracks)

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Gather round, boys and... BOYS?! That's right. No girls allowed, because we're watching the 2016 "horror" movie The Boy as well as its 2020 sequel Brahms: The Boy II.

And by we, I mean myself and a very special guest... my good buddy Jared McMullin!

Jared told me he had this Netflix selection in mind for us to watch and honestly it has everything: spooky little wooden boys, an actress attempting to break from TV into movies, and an insane twist that practically knocked me to the floor. And then...

That's right: our porcelain friend Brahms is back to fuck shit up. If you thought the ending of the first movie was insane, just wait til you see what they've got up their sleeves this time. 

Enboy! (Not a typo.)

This is an audio file that is meant to be listened to along with the movie.