West Side Story (Commentary Track)

West Side Story (Commentary Track)

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We don't take requests...*

It was recently brought to my attention that Rachel Zegler has been commenting on PMI videos for years. Who is Rachel Zegler? Well I haven't seen any of her previous work, but most recently she starred in Mr. Spielberg's first ever movie musical, an updated adaptation of West Side Story! After I tweeted that we saw her lurking in our comments, she promptly replied requesting I watch her latest flick... so here we are!

I never got a chance to see this new West Side Story, and I've actually never seen the original either, but I know how Romeo & Juliet goes sooo I think I get the idea okay? Settle in for this two and a half hour romp through NYC in the 90's, also featuring Ans*l Elg*rt, Hannah Baker's dad Andy, and even THE Rita Moreno! (I figure it out eventually, don't worry, and I know she was the original... Maria? Yeah, something like that.)

*... unless you've starred in a Steven Spielberg film.

This is an audio file that is meant to be listened to along with the movie.